OPEN CALL for International Cinemakers and Videoartists

BIENNALE 2023: We are looking for shorts, documentaries and features written, directed or produced by women. There are four (4) categories that films can be entered: Independent Cinema, Documentary, Dance Video, Experimental cinema and Video art.  In order to submit a film to the WomenCinemakers you have to send the related link and the completed entry form before April 30th, 2023.
You can fill out our submission form or email us your proposal including a link to your video and a short description of your film

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A must-read for indie filmmakers since 2012, Independent's Women Cinema is an annual anthology featuring the most outstanding women filmmakers on the current scene.

Independent's Women Cinema
covers news and events of interest to independent filmmakers, including distribution and grants, reports from the Cannes Film Festival, interviews and a special section dedicated to the future of the film industry.

WomenCinemakers offers its over 300’000 readers insight into the work of emerging directors in the short film and experimental cinema sections. Women Producers, Writers and Directors from around the world have the opportunity to present their films to the wide attention of the English-reading audience. With a mixture of newcomers and established directors, our annual anthology has featured more than 400 artists and filmmakers, with many of them competing in international film festivals including the Cannes Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, and the Venice Biennale. Key topics covered in this year's edition:

  • Focus on Cannes Film Festival.
  • The State of The Art. Interviews with ten women filmmakers selected by our curators
  • The new section Openspace reviews debuts and and innovative films.

WomenCinemakers is a not profit project and submissions do not require any entry fee. Only selected artists will be asked for a small contribution to support the independence of WomenCinemakers.



WomenCinemakers is now accepting submissions from female filmmakers, directors and producers for its new annual  showcase! 

Since 2012, WomenCineMakers has brought audiences critically-acclaimed and innovative films directed by women, supporting both emerging and established auteurs whose work manifests stylistic innovation and a deep knowledge of the cinematographic medium.

Women Producers, Writers, and Directors from around the world have the opportunity to present their films to the wide attention of the English-reading audience.

To submit your film, please fill out this form by February 28th.


Awareness without change is worse than ignorance. It means people are aware and they don’t care. Or maybe they care, but they’re scared. It’s here we can learn a lesson from all ghostbusters, male and female. They ain’t afraid of no ghost.
We shouldn’t be afraid of change.

The Female Cinematographers of Neon Demon, Creed, and Dope Discuss Their Experiences in a Cinema industry.

Over the last year, there have been a number of encouraging conversations about diversity in Hollywood, including one about the dearth of female directors.

But even as progress is made regarding the women calling the shots, a remarkable fact still stands.


From April 4th-7th 2019, Art Paris will bring together 150 modern and contemporary art galleries from 20 countries at the magnificent Grand Palais.

A perfect place for discovery and rediscovery, the fair combines a region-by-region exploration of European art from the post-war years to the present day and a cosmopolitan perspective on the new horizons of international creation from Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East .

The 2019 edition will also explore Latin American art, a focus led by Valentina Locatelli, independent exhibition curator.

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